Can You Change the Sheen of Paint? [Solved!]

It’s common to want to change the sheen of paint after it’s been applied to a surface. The most common reason is that the paint looks too glossy or shiny and you want a more muted look. While it is possible to change the sheen, it’s important to understand that this will also change the color of the paint. If you’re not careful, you could end up with a completely different color than what you started with.

In this article, we will give detailed answers to all questions relating to changing the sheen of paint so you could avoid possible issues. Let’s get started!

Can I Flat Glossy Paint?

There are a few ways to make gloss paint look matte. If you’re using an oil-based paint, you can sand it until it has a dull finish. You will want to start with a lower grit and then move up to a higher grit until you get the desired results. If you’re using a water-based paint, you can add a flatting agent to the paint to reduce the shine. Another way is to use a paint Deglosser.

Paint Flattening Agent

Paint flattening agent is a substance that is added to paint to reduce the amount of shine or gloss. It can be used to create a matte finish or to make a high-gloss paint less shiny. Paint flattening agent can be found at most hardware stores, and is relatively inexpensive.

To use a paint flattening agent, simply add it to the paint according to the instructions on the package. Be sure to mix it well so that it is evenly distributed throughout the paint. Once it has been added, apply the paint as usual. The results will be a less glossy finish than if you had not used any flattening agent.

Turn Gloss Paint Flat

Paint Deglosser

If you’d like to get rid of the sheen and restore your paint’s matte finish, consider using a liquid paint Deglosser. Liquid Deglossers remove the sheen from your paint without you having to sand it before applying a bonding primer. They are a specially formulated solution that causes a chemical reaction to break down the protective film (aka sheen) on the surface of the paint. 

There are several types of Deglossers available, and each comes with different strengths, and so works a little differently. The first type of Deglosser uses an acid to break down the sheen on the paint surface. This type of Deglosser is especially good for oil-based paints. The acid also helps to remove any wax or varnish that may be on the paint.

The second type of Deglosser uses a base to break down the sheen on the paint surface. This type of Deglosser is good for water-based and latex paints. The base also helps to remove any dirt, dust, or grime from the paint. The third type of Deglosser uses both an acid and a base simultaneously. This type of Deglosser is good for both oil-based and water-based paints. 


There are a few things to keep in mind when using a liquid paint Deglosser. 

  • First, make sure that your surface is completely dry and thoroughly cleaned before applying the Deglosser. 
  • Second, use caution when using the Deglosser on delicate surfaces. It may remove some of the color and pigment from the paint if you are not gentle. Use a coarse lint-free cloth and apply the Deglosser in a circular motion. Wear goggles for your safety.
  • Third, after applying the Deglosser let it sit for 10 minutes and then wipe down the surface with a clean damp cloth. 
  • And lastly, be sure to give enough time for the Deglosser to dry before applying the final paint. The longer you wait the less you risk the new paint melting in with the previous paint.

Can You Change Paint from Semi-Gloss to Satin?

Most people choose semi-gloss paint for their walls because it is easy to clean and maintain. However, some people prefer the softer look of satin paint. If you are unhappy with your current paint job, it is possible to change it from semi-gloss to satin.

The first thing you need to do is sand down the walls to remove the glossy finish. You can use a power sander or do it by hand with sandpaper. Once the walls are smooth, start with applying a primer before painting so that the new paint will adhere properly and not peel off later. When applying the primer, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Once the primer is dry, you can start painting your walls with satin paint using a roller or brush.

How to Reduce the Sheen of Semi-Gloss Paint

Can You Add Gloss to Flat Paint?

When it comes to paint, there are two main types: glossy and flat. Glossy paint has a shiny finish that reflects light, while flat paint has a duller finish that absorbs light. While both types of paint have their own unique benefits, you may find yourself wanting to add a little bit of gloss to your flat paint in order to achieve a specific look.

Luckily, there are a few things you can add to flat paint to make it glossy! One option is to mix in some clear glaze. A glaze is a thin, transparent, or translucent layer that is applied over a base color to create different effects. Glazing will give your paint a more transparent appearance and will allow light to reflect off of the surface, giving it a slight sheen.

Another option is to mix in some liquid varnish. This will provide more coverage than a glaze and will also give the paint a bit of shine. If you want an even shinier finish, you can try mixing in some furniture wax or carnauba wax. Just be sure to test out your desired finish on a small area before applying it to the entire project!

Can You Mix Two Different Paint Finishes to Change the Sheen?

There’s a lot you can do to change the sheen of paint, but can you mix two different types of paint finishes to change the sheen? The answer is yes! You can mix different types of paint to create a unique look for your home. For example, if you want to change the sheen from a high gloss to a low gloss, you can mix high-gloss paint with low gloss paint. Keep in mind that the ratio of high-gloss to low-gloss paint will affect the final result. If you want a more subtle look, use more low gloss paint. If you want a more dramatic, shiny finish, use more high-gloss paint. Have fun experimenting and see what looks you can create!

Can You Make Satin Paint into Eggshell?

Satin paint is a beautiful, smooth finish that often looks like it has been lacquered. It’s perfect for high-traffic areas and can be cleaned easily. However, some people find the sheen of satin paint to be too much for their taste.

If you’re one of those people, don’t despair! You can transform your satin paint into a more subdued eggshell finish with just a few simple steps. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 part flat or matte paint
  • 2 parts of satin paint
  • Paint stirrer or stick

Instruction: Start by mixing the flat or matte paint and the satin paint together in your clean bucket. Use a stirrer or stick to thoroughly mix the two paints until they are completely combined. Once the paints are mixed, simply apply them to your walls as you would any other type of paint. The finished result will have a softer sheen than pure satin paint, but will still offer the same durability and easy cleanup.


If you want to change the sheen of your paint, there are a few things you can do. You can mix different sheens of paint, add a topcoat, or sand the paint to change the sheen. Each method will give you a different result, so you’ll need to decide which one you want to use.

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