How To Make Beige With Acrylic Paint At Homes?

First, you need to use white acrylic paint as the base.  Now add a drop of light yellow acrylic to bring the yellow hue. To turn it into beige, the last touch would be a drop of coffee brown. The light yellow and coffee brown should be in the same quantity. 

Beige is undoubtedly a rare colour. Many popular brands of acrylic don’t have the perfect beige shade. But fortunately, bringing different shades of acrylic using other colours or DIYs is possible. 

Plus, gathering acrylic paint in every shade is costly. So, learning how to make beige with acrylic paint at home can be lifesaving. Keep scrolling down, don’t skip any part!

Detailed Steps For Making Beige with Acrylic Paints at Home

Beige is closer to a cream colour. They’re slightly different. And the fun fact is the same colour can make these two different shades. But the colour-mixing ratio won’t be the same. Let us guide you through the steps.


Well, white will always be the base, and to bring the beige touch, you will need a bit of yellow and coffee brown. Make sure you use the colour in tiny quantities. A bowl of white base won’t require more than two to three drops of yellow and coffee brown. 


  • First, add the yellow shade to the base and mix it well. 
  • Once the light yellow shade comes, add the coffee brown to bring the beige tone. And you’ll be done. 


Too much coffee brown can make it too dark. You need to decide on the ratio while you’re in the process. There’s barely any exact amount.

Also, be careful while working with the paint as acrylic paint is flammable when completely dried.

What Two Colors Make Beige?

Yes, you’ve heard it right. Making beige is possible using only two colours. They’re coffee brown and white. 

But in this case, you’re to use coffee brown as the base. All you need to do is keep adding white to your coffee brown acrylic and mixing it until you reach your desired beige shade. 

On average, mixing coffee brown and white in 2:1 should work to bring the basic beige shade.

Can I Make Beige with Tempera?

Out of all the great options for making beige, we like Tempra the best since it’s convenient and brings the perfect shade. These steps will work for you:

  1. First, you’ll need a decent amount of white for the base. 
  2. Now add a few drops of yellow to it and mix. Add brown, too, if you want it to be darker.
  3. If you’re getting the temperas out of tubes, consider using a pallet, and if from a bottle, use different brushes for each colour unless you want them to mix. 

Can I Make Beige without Brown Color?

Yes, you can make beige without brown. Actually, to cover your brown shade, you can use red and green in equal parts instead. Mixing these will make the exact coffee brown shade you need for mixing with white to make beige. 

So, it’s possible to make beige without brown. Just red, green, yellow, and white will work fine.

You can guess already that acrylic paint is highly versatile. One example of this is that you can use acrylic paint on fabric and make your boring clothes colourful. 

How Do I Make Light Beige Shade? 

Beige comes in two simple shades: Dark and light. If you’re planning on bringing the light beige shade, you can’t use the slightest drop of brown. 

You can use white as the base again and mix a minimal amount of primary yellow. Moreover, you’re allowed to go with light yellow as well. 

The light beige tone goes near the sand tone. White and primary yellow can get you this warm sand tone similar to light beige. 

If you want the color to get more lighten, keep adding white. But make sure you add only a little color at a time. 

Try adding 2-3 drops at once. Mix it and see what shade it brings. If you aren’t satisfied with the shade, mix more white. 

How Do I Make a Dark Beige Color? 

As beige contains a light base, you must add bold shades to make it darker. But it leaves a risk of changing the whole shade if it’s mismatched. 

So, to fit in with the shade of the base, get some brown and yellow paint and mix them together to make a darker beige shade. 

You must also ensure not to use too much dark brown or yellow color as it can make your mixture very dark and move towards brown.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What colors do you mix to make beige? 

Making beige with different colors requires a bit of red, green, light brown, and white. Mix them separately and then combine the two mixtures for the required shade. 
Firstly, mix the red and green colors in a proper proportion. Then, add a white color to the brown, and you’ll get the lightest shade of beige. 

What is the exact color of beige?

Beige is a combination of the lightest shade of brown and a slightly yellow hue. It is referred to as the shade of unbleached natural wool. In short, beige is a pale shade of yellow and brown combination. 

Is beige a neutral color?

Yes, beige is one of the neutral colors of a color palette. It does not go with the bold and independent shades of the palette. Instead, it assists the other colors like black, taupe, white, or any other neutral color. Thus, beige is declared a neutral color. 

Wrapping Up! 

Beige is one of the warmest shades. Although it comes in two simple shades, getting them in acrylic form is quite rare. 

Plus, gathering every colour might not fit your budget. So, learning how to make beige with acrylic paint at home would be helpful. We hope our article can help you add another shade to your collection. 

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