How To Make Yellow Acrylic Paint? 

You can mix red and green acrylic to make yellow as it lies in between. But, while blending, red will take the lead and make the shade darker or brown. So, make sure you mix red and green in a 1:2 ratio. 

An artist can never overlook yellow while working. But this primary, cheerful colour has so many shades. Finding the acrylic form of all of them might not be possible. 

So, it’s wiser to learn how to make yellow acrylic paint. Let our article guide you through this. 

What Colours Do You Mix to Make Yellow? 

Traditional ways say bringing the primary yellow shade isn’t possible. But it’s not entirely true. According to the CMYK colour model, it’s possible to make primary shades.

Try mixing red and green in equal portions. You’ll get a bright, vibrant shade of yellow which is almost similar to the primary shade.

However, bringing uncountable shades of yellow by mixing basic colours is possible.  

How to Make Different Shades of Yellow Acrylic Paint

Yellow comes in loads of shades. Ironically it’s hard to name all of those. Just have a look at the most usual ones:

However, we’ve experimented with different colours and tried to bring all the primary shades you may need. See if there’s anything helpful.

IntensifierAdditional Colour Result
RedOrange Mustard Yellow
OrangeYellowGold Yellow
OrangeCadmium YellowHoney Yellow 
WhiteYellow-orange Banana yellow 

This is how you bring different shades of yellow. The quantity of colours plays a big role in the case of shade. So, add according to your preference. If you want darker shades, add additional colour a little more than the intensifier.

If you have any questions about the shelf-life of acrylic paint, here’s whether acrylic paint is permanent or not.

How to Make Basic Light Yellow

The easiest method of making lighter yellow is mixing the shade of yellow you have with white acrylic. It’ll slightly decrease the excessive brightness and bring a light soft color. 

For the yellow shade, you can go with Cadmium Yellow. 

How to Make Darker Yellow

Red comes first when it comes to making yellow darker. You can use it with the base Cadmium Yellow or even with light yellow. 

The more red acrylic you mix, the darker the yellow will be. Likewise, mixing red and green in the same quantity will make the darkest yellow. 

If you want an alternative way, consider using purple to darken the yellow colour. It works because purple is the complementing colour of yellow. So, mixing violet purple with any yellow shade like cadmium yellow will give you a darker shade of yellow colour.

In case, you need to keep small areas and thin lines white when painting on paper, you can use masking fluid with acrylic paint for this job.

What If You Want Warmer Yellow?

Red’s going to help you in this case as well. You can use Cadmium yellow to do the test but we suggest you use light yellow. Red and light yellow make a very warm and neutral yellow. 

What Colors to Use for Nude Yellow?

Yellow indeed makes everything bright and cheerful. But an artist’s perspective requires the nude yellow for shadows. So you’ll need four colours to create a nude yellow. 

Light grey, purple, cobalt blue, and burnt sienna are the shades you need. 


Among loads of yellow shades, there are some basics that every artist needs. It’s possible to make light, dark, warm, and muted shades of yellow acrylic by mixing a few primary acrylic paints. 

How to Make Yellow Without Red?

It’s bad enough that you don’t have yellow but what if you’re out of red as well? Red and green are known to make yellow so what now? 

Luckily, it’s possible to make yellow without the slightest touch of red. There are three options for three different shades of yellow.

  1. Mixing Yellow Ochre with white can bring a brownish-yellow tone.
  1. If you want the basic bright yellow, mix Cadmium Yellow with Cadmium Lemon Yellow. 
  1. Mix Yellow Ochre with Cadmium Lemon Yellow to get one shade brighter than Cadmium Yellow. 

What Colours Make Yellow Orange?

Yellow Orange is a very warm colour. It kind of goes near brown yet has a reddish vibe.

Mixing Cadmium Red and Cadmium Yellow in a 2:1 ratio can bring the Yellow Orange tone you want. 

Once you’re done with mixing, see if the shade seems right for you. If it looks too reddish, add some more Cadmium yellow to bring the Orange Yellow tone.


Everyone says green is a must to make yellow acrylic. On the other hand, we would say making brownish, bright, and warm yellow is possible without green. However, cadmium red and yellow make a beautiful yellow-orange.

DIY Hack for Making Yellow Acrylic Paint at Home

Believe us or not, making yellow acrylic at home seems impossible until it’s done. It requires the easiest method. 

Things you need:

  1. A bowl
  2. Powder
  3. Fevicol
  4. Food colour

Step-1: Mix Powder & Glue

Take two tablespoons of talcum powder or face powder in a bowl. Add two tablespoons of glue to it and mix until it is smooth enough. 

You can add water to smoothen the mixture as well. It should neither be too thick nor too thin.

Step- 2: Time for the Colour

The tiny circles on a painting palette are 

 Add a drop of yellow food colour to it and mix it using a toothpick. 

You can use turmeric powder for this as well. So now you’re all set to use this as yellow acrylic paint.


Making yellow acrylic at home is easier than it sounds. All you need is glue, powder, and food colouring.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does blue and green make yellow?

No, the colour would go near the sea-green shade. Blue and yellow make green, though. So, use red and green to make yellow. 

Can orange and white make yellow?

Yes, they can. But you have to mix a lot of white base with a bit of orange in this case. However, you can’t get the vibrant, bright, and primary shade through this. 

What shade do orange and purple make?

Many would say orange and purple make yellow, but it doesn’t. Mixing these two will leave you with a brown shade. 

Wrapping Up!

Yellow is never off the table when it comes to painting. But only some of the shades of yellow might fit your budget.

Who cares? Now that you know all about how to make yellow acrylic paint through our blog, you can make different shades of yellow with the colours you have. 

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