Is Acrylic Paint Permanent? Here Is the Answer You Need!

Yes, acrylic paint is permanent after it dries. However, things depend on several factors like the surface you’re painting on, the type of paint and sealer you’re using, and a few more. Don’t consider pure acrylic paint waterproof as well because although it’s waterproof to some degree, the rate is not 100%.

Well, there are more facts and details regarding ” is acrylic paint permanent” that you can easily figure out through this blog. We’ll be discussing the problems regarding acrylic’s lifespan and the possible solutions to them. 

So, binge on it till the very end!

Properties of Acrylic Paint on Different Surfaces

Acrylic paint can change its properties on different surfaces. While you’ll get a smooth finish on a surface with tiny fibers, glass-type surfaces will give you a hard time with temperature transition. Through this section, you’ll learn all the ins and outs of it. 

SurfaceIs Acrylic Paint Permanent On It?


If you apply or accidentally spill acrylic paint on your cloth, you’re going to wonder, is acrylic paint permanent on fabric? Well, no, it’s not going to be permanent. 

However, it would put a stain on it for the time being. But whenever you take necessary steps (like using denatured alcohol) the paint will come off.

So, acrylic paint on cloth is usually temporary. In case you want to make it permanent, use a sealer. Also, you may use a fabric medium with acrylic paint. This would allow this acrylic paint to stay on the cloth for a long time. 


In general, acrylic paint on wood is permanent if you properly seal a painted surface. And, preparing the surface before painting will also help the paint last long. So, make sure you don’t skip cleaning, sanding, and priming before painting a wooden surface using acrylic paint. Also, make sure you don’t mix acrylic paint and oil paint as they don’t blend together.


Well, acrylic paint on glass is something pretty common. Glass surfaces are slick, which does not let the paint settle down on them. 

That means acrylic paint is not permanent on glass. 

But, there are ways to let acrylic paint last long on glass surfaces; the baking method for curing painted glasses is one of the most popular ways to do so. For this, you have to:

  1. Make sure all paint-layers on the surface are dried for at least 24 hours.
  2. Place the painted glass in the oven (the oven must be cool when you do this because a hot oven might cause the glass to break).
  3. Set your oven at 350℉ and let the object heat.
  4. Make sure you don’t heat this for more than 30 minutes.
  5. Let the glass cool down for at least 3 days before handling it to allow the paint to cure and adhere properly to the surface. 


Acrylic paint is usually permanent on metals if you can prepare the surface in the right way. Clean the metal first (don’t forget to degrease it using some mineral spirits), prime the surface, and then apply the paint.

Sealing isn’t a must but it will help the paint to withstand things like UV damage, heat, moisture, and abrasion so the paint lasts longer.


For being non-porous, plastic is quite hard to paint on and make the paint last long on it. Acrylic paint won’t be permanent on a plastic surface unless you prepare the surface first.

So, to make acrylic paint permanent on plastic, you need to sand the surface first. Then you must apply primer to the plastic before applying the paint. Lastly, apply a topcoat or sealer to boost the longevity of the paint.

So, this is how acrylic paint behaves on different materials. As you can see, acrylic paint is versatile enough and the fun thing is, you can create different colours with the paint. For example, you can make different shades of yellow colour with acrylic paint!

How to Seal Acrylic Paint for Making It Permanent?

Sealing acrylic paint to make it permanent is nothing hard. But you need to follow the steps accordingly for the best result. So, here we have covered how you can seal acrylic paint properly.

Step 1: Apply Varnish Sealer 

First, you need to apply the paint and dry it up completely. Now, you need to coat the surface with varnish sealer which you can get at the store you bought acrylic paint from. 

So, apply the varnish sealer and let it dry completely. 

Step 2: Apply The Sealer To The Opposite Direction 

Now, apply the sealer once again but to the other direction of the first coat. Finally, you have to dry up the varnish sealer completely to make the paint permanent.

So, this is how you can seal acrylic paint to make it permanent.

Are Acrylic Paint Markers Permanent?

Yes, acrylic paint markers are permanent as long as you paint on absorbent surfaces. Painting with acrylic paint markers on shiny or non-absorbent surfaces like metal, ceramic, mirror, and glass might not give you a permanent solution. 

The paint takes longer to dry on non-absorbent surfaces as well as crack or peel over time.

Can You Wash off Acrylic Paint from Clothes?

Well, yes. You can usually wash off acrylic paint. Take a look at the steps given below simply.

Step 1: Dampen the Cloth

First, you need to dampen the cloth. You can just tap on your faucet to wet it. Try to squash your cloth as much as you can.

Step 2: Soak the Cloth

Now, soak the cloth in nail polish. This is because nail polish has acetone which takes off paint easily. You may also use washing powder or agents to take off the paint. Keep this soaked for like 20 minutes.

Step 3: Brush the Cloth

This time you have to brush the cloth firmly. Keep on brushing it until you see the paint coming off. You can use an old toothbrush for this.

Repeat this process until the paint comes off. So, this is how you can take off this acrylic paint!

Does Acrylic Paint Come Off in Rain?

Yes, there’s a chance of acrylic paint coming off in rain. Acrylic paint is water-resistant to some degrees but it’s not completely waterproof. The chance of the ‘wash off’ is even higher when the paint is still wet. 

Moreover, you need to prepare the surface well before painting and apply a sealer after painting the surface to make the paint last longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I keep acrylic paint for a lifetime?

No, you cannot generally keep acrylic paint for a lifetime. This is because acrylic paint goes off or fades away just after a couple of years. It may take around 5 to 7 years for this paint to fade away. However, you can make it stay longer using some sealings.

Does acrylic paint start cracking or just fade away randomly?

Acrylic paint generally starts cracking over time. It would take a couple of years to start cracking. No matter how good the paint and the condition of the surface are, it is going to do what it does. Still, you can make the paint for years by applying a high-quality sealer.

Is acrylic paint considered to be safe or dangerous?

Acrylic paint is considered to be safe since it’s water-based and it contains low levels of VOCs. Also, if you know the right way, you can remove the paint from a surface easily without damaging the surface or affecting the environment.

Is acrylic paint sustainable?

Yes, acrylic paint is sustainable. According to the producers, this paint is absolutely environmentally harmless. Moreover, experts have also confirmed that it is sustainable. So, you can use this paint without any worry of polluting the environment.

The Final Words

We’re almost done with answering- is acrylic painting permanent? We hope the information, tips  and tricks will help you. However, do remember that before you use any kind of painting, you must know its properties and other important stuff. 

You cannot treat every paint like every other one. Above we’ve described ways to make your acrylic painting experience a bit better, good luck! 

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